Weekly Classes
AGES 4 TO 18

For parents that want their child to learn and develop their basketball skills in a non-competitive environment. This program is designed for athletes of all skill levels and ages. We strongly suggest this program for students who have just started learning to play basketball.

This program was built to help kids build up their confidence, learn discipline and develop their basketball fundamentals, and most importantly, allow kids to have a ton of fun along the way! Click the button below for a FREE TRIAL CLASS TODAY!

Prep For Rep

For athletes that DO NOT have any experience playing organized basketball at school or otherwise. This program helps bridge that experiential gap for these athletes by not only training just as much as the rep athletes do, but also participating in all of their team practices so they can learn team concepts and develop their skills at an expedited pace!

For a smooth transition into playing high-level, organized basketball. Prep For Rep provides the best roadmap for young athletes!

Join a Rep Team

For athletes who are READY to take it to the next level! This is where students get to take what they've learned and put it to the test! The emotional roller coster that goes with being on any team, and the life lessons that come along with it, is what makes it all worthwhile!

By creating such a comprehensive and enriched learning environment for all of our students, we've created a ONE-STOP SHOP for parents to help their kids get ALL of the extracurricular, physical activity they will ever need!